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The construction of a building starts from the design through a process of decisions to a completed project

The Construction Process

The making of buildings, alterations, extensions etc, needs a process that starts from the inception of a idea, through a design stage to an on site construction stage to a completed project.

Most clients would be well tasked to find drawings many years after the completed project. Well built projects come from a good process of communication with the architect, client and builder.

Click on the photographs below to see examples of the process:

The Foundations (m)

Most construction projects require foundations.

The Design (m)

It is more than just drawings that make a building, but it is a start

The Walls (m) The Structure (m)

Walls are needed to separate the inside from the outside. Walls define spaces.

Beams and columns are needed to stop the building from falling down !!!

The Floors (m)

Floors raise us above the ground and it is that which is beneath our feet.

The Roofs (m)

The roofs put a lid on it !!  They can make the architectural statement.

The Windows & Doors (m) Kitchens & Bathrooms (m)

Windows and doors are needed for access, ventilation and light.

Kitchens and bathrooms are needed for habitation of the buildings.

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The Circulation (m)

We can make the journey a route to be enjoyed or to be quickly dealt with !!!

Finished product (m)

A well designed and functioning building is a mark of good architecture