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Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin has put together images of the construction process from design to completion.

Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin has run his own architectural business since 1991, and has worked in the educational, commercial and residential sectors.


Quite often clients come to Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin and ask for drawings ! Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin then has to explain that the role of the architect should be more than just providing drawings. Drawings are merely a part of the process in achieving the final building. The designs are most likely achieved through the process of drawings. Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin has decided in this web-site to give a photographic illustration of the construction process from design to completion. Bernard Humphrey-Gaskin's motto is:  Getting it Built !!!

Design to Completion

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The Construction Process

A well designed and functioning building is a mark of good architecture

The Building ( It is Built !!! )

Foundations, walls, floors, roofs, structure etc, make the building

The Construction ( Getting it Built )

It is more than just drawing that makes a building, but it is a start

The Design ( The Drawings )

The Process of Construction

The Result The Construction The Design

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